How to Change a Person’s Life

Recently I performed a fantastic healing session on someone who ended up making a huge breakthrough in her life. And it occurred to me that so many people out there have no idea how to…
Aug. 14, 2017, 2:28 a.m.

How to Put Yourself Miles Ahead in Life and Business

We live in a world of talkers. Lots of people are constantly talking, talking, talking. They talk about what they want to do. They talk about what they need to do. And they talk about…
Aug. 4, 2017, 6:03 p.m.

The Only Secret to Succeeding at Your Goal

We now live in a world of massive information. Information is everywhere. Pretty much anything you want to do, someone has already done it. And through the power of the internet, they can easily show…
July 31, 2017, 6:15 a.m.

How to Make Opportunities Fall Right into Your Lap

To me, this tip that I’m about to share has always been a no-brainer. And it absolutely astonishes me when people don’t apply it to their own lives. Again and again I watch people instead…
July 24, 2017, 3:44 a.m.

What are you saying to yourself!?

Think about something you want. Now think about how it might feel to have that. I don’t just mean “I want a bunch of money.” I’m talking about coming up with a lifestyle that you…
July 17, 2017, 4:30 a.m.

Three Things That Changed My Life in 2017

This has been a good year. Probably my overall most successful year to date. And a lot of the success had to do with some New Year’s Resolutions I’ve set. But also, a lot of…
July 10, 2017, 5:48 a.m.

The Importance of Energy Management

One of the things I’ve recently noticed that helps me achieve my goals is paying attention close attention to my energy levels. Many of us, especially younger people, tend to think of ourselves as having…
July 3, 2017, 5:31 a.m.

How to Stop Hating People

Alright I admit it… When it comes to people, I have a love-hate relationship at best. Even with the most rudimentary glance, it’s pretty easy to see the damage that humans do to the planet…
June 26, 2017, 4:39 a.m.

A Bad Habit That’s Toxic to Relationships

In any relationship, there are a handful of habits that will produce disastrous results. Some of the more common issues are lying, cheating, or lack of communication. But there are some relationship issues that can…
June 19, 2017, 2:37 p.m.

How to Make Everything Kick More Ass

Lately I have really been digging the abstemious lifestyle. I’ve found that when I go without the routine pleasures of a certain activity, I end up enjoying it much more when I do decide to…
June 12, 2017, 4:01 a.m.

The Key to Making Rapid Life Changes

If someone were to ask me what my greatest strength is, it would probably be my ability to make rapid life changes. Once I identify an aspect of myself that I want to improve –…
June 5, 2017, 4:36 a.m.

How a Healthy Brain Can Change Your Life

Every moment of every day, you are being bombarded with countless quantities of stimuli. Luckily, your brain’s trusty reticular activating system automatically filters out the vast majority of stimuli you receive. If this did not…
May 29, 2017, 4:12 a.m.

Important Info About Life and Reality

What if you knew – KNEW – that a cop was watching you…would you run that red light? Few would, most would not. So what if you KNEW that your perception creates your reality (and not the…
May 22, 2017, 7:02 a.m.

The #1 Way to Make Sex Better

One of my favorite fiction books is the Robert A. Heinlein classic, Stranger in a Strange Land. The book is about a human, named Mike, who is born on Mars and possesses extraordinary, super-human abilities…
May 15, 2017, 7:37 a.m.

How the World Eats Manifestors Alive

Manifestors have an incredibly important role to the evolution of the planet. Weighing in at less than a tenth of the entire world’s population, we manifestors really have to make the most of the time…
May 7, 2017, 5:45 a.m.

Three Secrets to Getting Along with Anyone

There are a lot of reasons why it’s helpful to get along with other people. Not only does it help you, but it also helps them. Not only will you win more friends, but you’ll…
May 1, 2017, 8:45 a.m.

A Motivational Nudge to Live Before You Die

Have you ever noticed that you can look back in time and everything just seems so much less important than you thought it was at the time? Have you ever wished you would have done something…
April 24, 2017, 4:53 a.m.

How to Make Things “Just Work Out”

Ever notice how things just seem to magically work out for some folks? …even when it doesn’t seem like they did anything in particular to deserve it? Maybe you’ve experienced this for yourself. I’d venture…
April 14, 2017, 10:21 a.m.

All You Need to Know About Making Something Happen

I used to be skeptical when I heard self-development experts say that you can do anything you set your mind to. But now after several years of setting my mind to things I didn’t believe…
April 10, 2017, 12:02 p.m.

Manifestors: Ya Gotta Be a Little Crazy!

Friend & Comrade, I had an impulse to shoot a video, so I shot a video. I talk about what being a manifestor has meant for me as well as share a couple paradoxical pieces…
April 1, 2017, 10:30 p.m.