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The Men’s Guide to Tunisia (Including Video)

Overview When it comes to good looking girls, liberal attitudes, and nightlife, Tunisia is the best country in North Africa. It’s also the smallest country in the region, making it easy to explore it’s main attractions on a short trip. That said, while it can be fun and there’s are a few cool things to see, as a […]
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May 3, 2017, 10:21 a.m.

WATCH: The Siege of Serbia!

This video was produced by my mate a few years ago, but it was buried in the archives. Hats off! He did an amazing job. He originally did it with better music, but YouTube yanked it. Anyway, this was taken from our trip to the Balkans about three years ago, where we visited cities such as Belgrade, […]
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April 20, 2017, 10:28 a.m.

Adventures in Jardín, Colombia

Hey guys, this will the first of many new videos on the way! In this vid, I venture to Jardín, Antioquia, Colombia, for some waterfalls, paragliding, and horseback riding. However, our adventure turns south when a huge explosion happens! Enjoy!
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April 13, 2017, 4:33 p.m.

Men’s Guide to La Playa del Carmen, Mexico

The following is a guest post by Dantes from Overview Located in the Rivera Maya, La Playa del Carmen “Playa” is a popular tourist destination in eastern Mexico. The following Datasheet is based on 1 week in La Playa del Carmen. Weather Hot throughout the year. The best time to go is December through […]
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April 7, 2017, 12:05 p.m.

WATCH: 3 Rules to Get Laid in NYC

I attempt my best old-school New York accent and break down the thee rules for getting laid in New York City.  
Naughty Nomad
March 30, 2017, 8:51 a.m.

WATCH: My Thoughts on Colombia

This is my first straight-to-camera podcast. I share my thoughts on Colombia, covering the game, the girls, and the nightlife. Check it out. You can also download the audio below from SoundCloud. For those interested in learning more about hooking up with Colombian girls, I recommend Bang Colombia. You can also scroll down for some […]
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March 20, 2017, 11:44 a.m.

Snapshot: Milan, Italy

Snapshots are mini town/city guides for smaller places or cities I have only experienced briefly. Here’s a little snapshot of Milan. What’s Milan like? The center is pretty and there are a lot of good looking women about, but Milan isn’t as glamorous as it sounds. The city is baffling expensive for Italy, and the nightlife is disappointing. What are the women […]
Naughty Nomad
Feb. 15, 2017, 9:23 a.m.

How To Buy Your First BitCoin

All right nomads, last week I wrote about making a couple of extra €€€ a month with Matched betting. Continuing on theme of making money online, today we’re talking bitcoin. BitCoin has yielded a higher return than any investment I’ve made in the last year. I’ve made 40% on my money in less than 6 months, […]
Naughty Nomad
Feb. 8, 2017, 11:01 a.m.

Matched Betting: How to Make Risk-Free Profit

Over the last few months I’ve been experimenting with various ways to build up my online income. One of the best hustles I’ve discovered is matched betting. I’ve casually made €500+ a month through this method with very little time invested. Some people are making in excess of €1,500 a month. Today I’d like to share my knowledge […]
Naughty Nomad
Jan. 31, 2017, 9:19 a.m.

Men’s City Guide: Tunis, Tunisia

Tunis in three words: sprawling, cheap, fun. Chance of Hooking up: 2 / 5 Quality of Girls: 3.75 / 5 Nightlife: 3.25 / 5 Smoking tolerance: 2.5 / 5 Livability: 2.5 /5 City guide ratings explained Costs €$£ Bachelor’s budget: $60 per day. Beer: $2-3 for a bottled beer. Bed: $30 for an AirBnB near the action. Bud: $5 a gram. Food: $2-3 for a […]
Naughty Nomad
Jan. 24, 2017, 12:27 p.m.

5 Observations From My First Year As A Nomad

This following is a guest post from Kyle from This Is Trouble. On February 23rd this year, I walked out of my corporate office job for the final time. What has followed has been a whirlwind adventure—14 cities, 9 countries, many women, and countless adventures along the way. I’ve learned a tremendous amount of things from […]
Naughty Nomad
Jan. 17, 2017, 10:15 a.m.

New Year Resolutions 2017

I’m a bit late with my resolutions this year, but it’s tradition. 2017, like much of 2016, will be a year balancing work and play.. So how did I do concerning last year’s resolutions? To remind you they were: Hit my 100th country by my 30th birthday Finish the Mexican pirate book Commence secret Project R […]
Naughty Nomad
Jan. 11, 2017, noon

The Year in Review 2016

Announcement: Sorry for the long gap. During December my site was hacked and offline for sometime. The issue has now been resolved. —————- 2016 was an exciting year and saw some massive changes in my life. I left NYC and somewhat impulsively decided to start a new life in the Mediterranean. It wasn’t an easy transition, marred […]
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Jan. 6, 2017, 4:28 p.m.

How to Get Your Ass Kicked

A few weeks ago I decided to sign up to my first Brazilian Jujitsu competition in Italy. After transforming my body a few years back, I wanted to put my strength to use. Everybody told me sparring in the gym pales in comparison to the intensity of real competition, and I wanted to test myself. “Everybody […]
Naughty Nomad
Dec. 2, 2016, 11:43 a.m.

LISTEN: On the ground in Syria

In this incredible in-depth interview with somebody on the ground in Syria, you’ll learn more about the conflict than you ever had before. I met MJ, a political science major, at an Irish bar in Damascus. We talk about the internal conflict, regional players, the propaganda war with Al Jazeera, and American and Russian involvement. […]
Naughty Nomad
Nov. 23, 2016, 9:07 a.m.

The 2 Hour Foreign Language Survival Guide: How to Get By In a Foreign Country with Just 30 Words

The following is a guest post from Ethan from Man v City ( There is an old saying, “If the student has failed to learn, the teacher as failed to teach.” In the case of foreign language learning, this saying couldn’t be more true. The fact of the matter is that learning a new language isn’t […]
Naughty Nomad
Nov. 11, 2016, 10:31 a.m.

The Clash of Civilizations, The Silk Road, and North Korea with Andrew MacLeod

In this episode of Hangover Radio I speak with Andrew MacLeod, and who has led an extraordinary life. He is an Australian businessman, and a former humanitarian lawyer and aid worker for the UN, witnessing the Rwandan genocide, the Pakistani earthquake and the Asian tsunami. Check out his video on North Korea below. He has traveled to 140 countries, […]
Naughty Nomad
Nov. 7, 2016, 12:12 p.m.

I tried VR porn, and we are F**KED.

VR porn is going to ruin lives. We have summoned the demon, folks. The virtual world of hedonism is so immersive, accessible, and pleasurable it will spread like a virus. The VR-porn Borg is here, and resistance is futile (or at least it will be for most men). Background I first gave up porn in 2012 when […]
Naughty Nomad
Nov. 2, 2016, 10:20 a.m.

A Backpacker’s Guide to Getting Laid in Latin America

The following is a guest post by Masculine Profiles. This is your naughty backpacker’s guide to get laid in Latin America. As you already know, Latin America is a sunshine of many young fine Latin women. Sometimes it can be difficult for backpackers to get their quick fix because locals know if you’re just an explorer. […]
Naughty Nomad
Oct. 28, 2016, 8:41 a.m.

Hangover Radio: Travel, PC-Culture, and Lifting with Dom Torres

Yar! I catch up with my NYC wingman Dom Torres. We talk travel, fitness, politics, and everything else in between! Listen and enjoy. For those of you who want to download it and listen to it later, you can also do that via Soundcloud below. Please feel free to leave suggestions for upcoming podcasts.  
Naughty Nomad
Oct. 25, 2016, 11:52 a.m.